Smart Cities Bring Boom To The Real Estate Market And Eventually To Real Estate CRM

Economic experts have no doubts about the potential of Indian economy. Reports say that it shows tremendously convincing trends. In spite of vastness and diversity the country moves to a new era of prosperity and progress. With the arrival of the new government, several innovative and creative steps are being taken to place India amongst the top-rated countries in the world. Infrastructure development is the prime agenda of the new government.


The government is determined to bring a phenomenal improvement in the life of people by elevating the living standards. The concept of Smart Cities is announced with the perspective of bringing a new era of technological advancement in India.

What is a Smart City?

Based on the factors like prospects of economic growth, population, current infrastructure and commercial importance several cities are picked in the category of Smart City. They will get financial aid from the central government for deploying specific infrastructural projects that will benefit people largely. There are finite timelines for completing the projects. A review and monitoring system is being established to track the development.

The Smart City project is an ambitious project which will look into minute issues that affect the life of a citizen. The high-quality lifestyle, improved sanitation, waste management, non-motor zones, and improved traffic are some of the prominent aspects.

Smart City project will push realty market

Since there will be a great improvement in the infrastructure, the existence of the citizens will see a transformation. Reports say that it will make these cities the preferred place to settle. Healthy and comfortable environment and world-class living conditions will give a great boost to the property market.

It is needless to say that real estate developers, and architects should be ready to handle the increased demands. They can’t rely on the age-old methods because it will not be possible to bridge the gap between the demand and supply further. When thousands of crores of rupees are being allotted to develop Smart Cities, people associated with property market should invest a few bucks to procure new-age real estate CRM. It is a smart and intelligent system that can very well cater the needs of buyers.

Internet infrastructure development is on the prime agenda while developing these modern cities. It is planned that high-speed Internet connectivity will be available throughout the city. Hence, every facility will be available on the fingertips.

CRM, the game changer for real estate owners

When you are doing business in a smart city, it is inevitable to use smart and state-of-the-art tools. A real estate CRM offers a plethora of capabilities and benefits that bring efficiency in the system.

  • Manage contacts: CRM manages personal and professional details of each contact. You can keep a journal of notes and correspondence. Manage personalize file of each contact and send them personalized SMS, Email, and notification. You can share newsletters and the latest developments with the stakeholders. Inform each customer (existing or potential) about the upcoming projects. You can create and edit attractive HTML pages to send clients along with the mail. Several search templates make the task of client management easy.
  • Manage transactions: CRM offers a user-friendly, clean and easy to use interface. You can keep track of individual transactions by using a workflow-based interface. Details of service records, important events are stored at the portfolio level.
  • Manage appointments: Customer contact is pivotal in a real estate business. Particularly, in Smart Cities where connectivity will be round-the-clock, and the Internet speed won’t be an issue; a real estate business owner doesn’t have any excuse. Therefore, equip your business by installing a new-age CRM system. Schedule appointments online, manage deadlines, and systematize mundane tasks. Do business smartly in the Smart City.
  • Manage sales force: When you do business using hi-tech methods, the sales force get equipped with fast and effective tools. They can access the CRM using handheld devices and schedule appointment with prospective customers. The team can close the deal and update the system so that everyone is aware of the closure. It avoids duplication of efforts. Reports say that techno-savvy sales people spend five times more on technology and perform brilliantly as compared to non-technical people.

Does your business need a CRM system?

Well, the question doesn’t have any relevance in the modern era of technology. It is impossible to run a business by following methods of yesterday. The answer is simple and straightforward; if you don’t do it, then somebody else will do it.

CRM is not just a tool that makes the life simple, but it offers a complete view of the business that nothing else can do. You might have done business quite well by managing personalized contacts and cross referencing the contact details with marketing efforts. You contacted prospective customers by collecting data through tele-calling. Yes, things worked for you earlier. However, it is high time now to change according to the changing world.

Before a situation comes when you feel that the efforts to drum up your marketing schemes are not working, switch to the smarter ways. Once configured and operational, you need to sit back and monitor the system. Let the mundane tasks be done by CRM system and you spend time in developing business prospects in the new niches of the Smart City.

The market is fiercely competitive, and only the fittest will survive. You need to be the frontrunners in technological adaptation so that there is always a big gap between you and the nearest competitor.

When lead generation and lead closure are the basic building blocks of real estate business, you should welcome everything that helps in the same. When you have many choices, selection of a valid CRM is crucial. Find out what is the best by seeking help from experts. Gather every bit of information and then buy. Smart cities are going to open new horizons of success tomorrow; you need to get ready for it today. It’s the need of the day!