Daebuild: How DaeBuild CRM Helps in Managing Staff

When you own a real estate business, there are several challenges. For builders, today’s business scenario is not only challenging but quite complex as well. Though there are many things that keep your mind occupies, the biggest issues are:

  • How to keep track of sales leads effectively? What is the best way of qualifying the leads? How to follow-up for the same effectively?
  • What is the best way of prioritizing sales activities in a real estate business?

Fortunately, you have robust and fully functional Daebuild CRM system to take care of these issues. Especially, it helps in managing an important entity, i.e. the sales team. You probably already know that leading builders and real estate developers rely on the CRM systems worldwide. However, there is always a hesitation of implementing the same in the organization.

Want to know how is it helpful for your business irrespective of the magnitude and revenue of the business? Here are some key aspects.


  • A robust CRM brings storage space to keep the important information protected and safe. Sales leads, schedules, plans, and contact details can be stored and retrieved with the help of a secured database. CRM is one of the best systems where you have 100% assurance of data safety.
  • CRM helps your employees to plan the work well. They can prioritize the tasks based on priority. Everyone in the staff gets benefited by it. However, the biggest beneficiaries are the sales people who get relieved from the mundane work of recording the sales transactions manually. They find more time to attend prospective and existing customers.
  • Reporting becomes quite simple and fast. The process of generating daily, monthly or weekly reports is simple and fast. Since everything is there in the system, there is no question of transparency. A few clicks lead you to the right piece of information. Not only sales team, but everybody in the system gets the advantage of it. The task of generating activity report is a no-brainer for anyone in the staff.
  • Since CRM helps you to track and attend customers segment wise, it brings higher efficiency in the system. There is no need of wasting productive time in piles of papers or Excel sheet. Your staff goes to the right customer with the right product.
  • Since the staff has a better control on the things, everyone knows what is happening there in the organization. CRM ensures that everybody is on the same page. It makes sharing of documents, templates, calendars, schedules, and sales targets quite simple. The level of communication enhances and the system becomes greatly transparent.
  • Since your team members know what segment to track, what customers to follow up and what properties to sell; there is a high probability of closing the deal. Not only the sales cycle gets streamlined, there is also a visible improvement in every aspect. You reduce production cost and take the sales figures sky high.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction, increased customer loyalty and great profit margins; what else do you need to keep the staff happy? When the business goes in the right direction, employees get an excellent benefit.
  • Last, but not the least; you save money in the long run. Yes, CRM system costs big money, but the revenue benefits overshadow the cost impact. Reduction of errors is the biggest benefit of it.

A hidden benefit of implementing Daebuild CRM

Here is a fact for you, when you implement a robust CRM system in the company; there are always some tangible benefits and a few intangible ones. Daebuild is popular real estate CRM software for builders in India which is preferred by users because of its robustness and performance. The software brings something over and above the functionalities and performance.

Real estate business experts say that motivated employee is the unique and special advantage when you buy Daebuild CRM system. Everyone knows that it is a gigantic task to keep people engaged and motivated. Especially, sales people are always under stress of performance and delivery. Employers find it fiddly to keep the morale flag high. Sometimes, it becomes totally impossible. The typical term “sales burnout” is quite familiar in the corporate world. To keep them enthusiastic and charged, you need extensive incentive programs.

Yes, you have the sure shot weapon called ‘Sales Performance Incentive’ to bring a new life into the team. You can create a healthy atmosphere where every team has the equal chance of winning. However, there are limitations of this model. When people use their competitive spirit and energy using a CRM system, the results could be wonderful.

Three amazing ways of motivating sales team using Daebuild CRM

  • You should create a reward program to keep them enthusiastic. However, for better results, it is important that the same people do not get acknowledged by the system. If it happens, then it gives a negative feeling about the CRM system. You should look for the ways of overcoming this limitation.
  • Create new and innovative themes taking the marketing department into consideration. There are examples where people did miracles using multifunctional Daebuild CRM system. When everybody knows that the performers only get applause, everybody gets motivated.
  • Design incentive programs that are just not centered on the cash rewards. Remember, every person gets motivated by different things. Some people prefer money whereas some people get motivated by higher responsibilities. CRM system helps you in designing such system.

You can define different functional roles and assign customer relationship managers based on customer profiles. Daebuild CRM system gives you the opportunity of creating and managing sales teams. The system is equally beneficial to other team members in the organization. In the modern business world, only technological excellence wins. Hence, your organization can’t remain laggard by dragging the stone-age systems. Implement a trustworthy and cost-effective CRM system by Daebuild and reap big benefits. The money you spend gives multiple times return in the long run. CRM becomes an inevitable part of the business world today.