Cloud-based services are making a lot of buzz in the market. Experts say that enormous business benefits can be achieved by implementing them regardless of the magnitude and nature of the business. Since there is so much Gung Ho about it, every year more and more businesses make a switch to cloud-based services. As a result, you have a long array of cloud-based software for all business streams, including real estate.


Before we understand the importance of cloud telephony in managing the sales funnel, let’s understand about cloud telephony in brief.

What does it mean by Cloud Telephony? Why is there so much noise about it? Why does every company want to shift to it? What is the need of launching Real Estate CRM system that is compatible with it? All such questions pop up when people here about it.

In the simplest words, cloud telephony is a virtually hosted system on the Internet. When users upgrade their telephony software to the cloud, it brings a plethora of benefits.

According to telecommunication masters, the evolution of cloud telephony has proved to be a game-changer. It is suitable for all types of business environments and business professionals. From top-level executives to operational staff and marketing experts to sales force; everyone tastes the fruits of it. The power of cloud telephony is visible by the widespread deployment of it across commercial organizations and service industries. Consumer marketing agencies use it for tracking the real-time response of clients. Healthcare services make use of it to allocate resources in real-time based on demand. For real-estate CRM, it brings the immense benefit of tapping potential clients at the right moment. The speed of transactions and round-the-clock availability are the distinctive features of it. As the technology gains further popularity, people associated with real estate business make a right use of it.

Cloud-based telephony makes real estate CRM further effective

When you use real estate CRM based on cloud telephony, it brings a series of benefits for the clients. When the users are seasoned and expert, it becomes furthermore important to use an improved system. Since CRM enables you to track the deals in a systematic manner, it enhances business opportunity. You know who your competitors are and what the level of their work is. You get the automatic updates of deals and easily track the activities happening in the marketplace. It is needless to say that CRM has made a terrific improvement in the field of real estate business.

With cloud-based telephony, you add further spice to it. Since cloud telephony makes the connectivity easy, you can get access to the sales and forecasting without any hassles. Cloud telephony brings productivity, consistency and it drives the process well.

Bring the most updated quotes and the latest details to the sales team

As they say, “information delayed is information denied”; your sales team should always be equipped with the latest information. With a CRM product powered by cloud telephony, you keep them well-informed with the latest happenings and real-time updated information. It is possible to create up-to-the-minute quotes along with standard pricing, quoted pricing, and other details.

Opportunity lost is business lost

When you explore a business opportunity, it is very much important that every minute detail is available at a few clicks. You can’t close the deals smartly and swiftly without it. When everything is there in a safe, reliable, and incredibly fast cloud infrastructure; closing the deal for a real estate developer isn’t difficult at all. Experts say that due to the access to all relevant information, you get the benefit of every opportunity. You can invite as many people as you want to keep them updated with the happenings.

Since everyone is on the same page, you have a smooth selling. Everyone knows about the status of the deal. The closing of the deal is also communicated to all instantly and simultaneously.

Other benefits of migrating to cloud telephony

As a real estate business owner, you want to achieve the maximum profitability. Of course, aggressive marketing and effective business strategies can bring a significant uplift to the top lines, but the real benefit can be achieved by keeping the bottom line under control. When you implement smart tactics such as cloud telephony for CRM, it is possible to achieve significant benefits.

  • When you implement in-house telephony system with the support of your IT team, there are always risks associated with it. Firstly, the entire system gets paralyzed if the system conks off. Secondly, there is a big dependency on the IT resource and the service provider. Problem resolution becomes a big issue. Since the system is on-site, it takes a long time to the service provider to attend your problem. Of course, you can’t afford such delay in a highly competitive environment today.
  • Switching to cloud telephony makes you relieved from all the hassles. Not only there is a significant reduction in costs, you also get instant resolution to the problem. Since the system is modular and cloud-based, the issue gets resolved almost instantly.
  • Cloud is easy to implement. Since there is no installation of hardware required, nobody visits your premises personally. The service provider connects to your premises remotely and makes the thing up and running.
  • When you trust cloud telephony, it builds your reputation as a techno-savvy organization. Customers look at you as a trusted and sound player.
  • You get the freedom of picking up calls and responding beyond the limitation of space and time; it is possible to deliver the best service to the clients. Experts say that clients create a larger-than-life image of your company, which is a good thing from your perspective.

We saw that cloud telephony brings several benefits apart from ease of use and cost-effectiveness. No wonder, it is the talk of the town today. Progressive and technology savvy real estate providers implement it for the benefit of their clients.